Vocational Training:

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Winning starts with the beginning. Everything big, starts with something small. Nothing can be done except little by little. Start with what you haven’t begun to weave and God will give you the perfect thread.
The main object of vocational training is to include skills little by little in one’s life to be successful in little things. Proper instructions to the special children to get into skill training are more important. So direction is a stream with bank, it is a matter of fact. There is persistence in direction. It won’t go away, it shows up again and again till we have total confidence that is what we are attempting your right.
Vocational training involves teaching people to acquire a particular skill to prepare them for a particular occupation. It focuses more on practical subjects than theory. They provide special needs with employment experiences to improve their work capacity, quality and speeds. The main aim of this education and training is to get gainful employment. For example, with basic computer knowledge, the students will be trained for clerical work which they will apply in their workplace.


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