Hello Friends! Vinayak Jadhav

Today I would like to share my Mission 25. Every person has a purpose of existence on this planet called earth. I came to Snehalaya at the age of 6 years. I am thankful to God that I got the best Institute where I started walking at the age 10 years. Now I am doing my studies. Snehalaya is not only an Institute for me, it’s like my family.

My plan: I have seven years to complete 25 years. As everyone knows, I am interested in Designing. I have planned to become a product Designer. At first I want to complete my 12 Standard and UX-UI projects. After my 12 standard I will take up a job and do my B.C Bachelor in Computer’s and a UX-UI Developer course.

On this journey I have some Objectives:

  1. To live happily and make others happy.
  2. Work hard to achieve my goals.
  3. To make the world a better place by integrating values & professional live


  1. Donate my time, help and talent.
  2. Surround myself with positive people.
  3. Explore my interest in a career to have a better future.
  4. To be a source of Inspiration. To achieve  the objectives & fulfill the purpose in life I need to make my efforts everyday


Let’s talk about what efforts I need to put into my life to be a better human being and to reach my goal. I have to do my 12 Standard. Finally let me tell you my Mission 25 is to be a better human being and to become a UX-UI designer and developer.I would like to thank Snehalaya Family for their support and guidance for helping me reach my goal.

Thank you…

Hi, I am Swati Nalawde

 I am going to speak about my Mission 25 in Snehalaya. I came here at the age of 7. I began my education and did my therapies to walk independently. I completed my 10th. Now it was a time for me to think about career and to get an opportunity. I went to Mumbai in Nishkalanka Convent with FMCK sisters for further studies. There I completed my first year with good marks. Then I went home. I was feeling very helpless.

My passion is art and craft, on the journey I got to learn about Maya care. It’s great to work in Maya Care as I get to learn different skills of Information technology and I hope this will be helpful in future career. Whatever I have till today is vast. Now I am learning data entry that will be also very important in my future career.

Fr. Sunny had given and still gives me another chance to come up with my passion and choices of my career. And now I have the ability to start a business or small shop for selling the products and side by side work in Maya care foundation.

 Past 18 years I have gained much knowledge in different ways. I think life is not only about gaining knowledge and earning money. It’s about being a good human being, living happy life; share my joys, talents …etc. And also taking interest in what we do and try to resolve difficulties that will be coming towards us.

My mission 25 may seems impossible but I will make the Impossible into Possible. I will put all my efforts in sharing my knowledge and skills in art, craft and help others in Maya care training.

Snehalaya is a platform which gives an opportunity, provides facilities and finds way to empower differently able children. It’s my gratitude to all for appreciating me as what I am and whatever I do. A special thanks to Fathers and sisters and teachers for understanding and supporting me to stand on my feet. It’s a proud feeling to say I love My SNEHALAYA.

Snehalaya has raised me up and. Now it’s showing the way to fly high with my own wings. As I’m coming to end I want to thank you all for the opportunity to stand before you hand share my mission 25. Thank to father sunny for a special opportunity for giving me thesupport that I need very badly and never ever got in my life. Thank you…

Hello Every one, Neelam Gaikwad

I am privileged to share my mission 25. I was born as a normal child. Suddenly in 2007 my leg got fractured and that is time I had to undergo major surgeries. In 2009 I came to Snehalaya. I got good therapies which helped me to walk. In 2012 I fell down and got fractured again. After healing I made up my mind to stand and walk so, I started walking with support of wall.  I began my education in Snehalaya. I have finished my 10th STD and now I’m studying in 12th STD.   I am also learning Computer. My plan is to be a good person and live happily and to be an administrator in any company

Dear friends, after a long time, this year I went home for holidays I saw my family struggling so much it made me very sad. This motivated me in saying to myself that I need to make my family, a happy family. For this 1 will put all my efforts to my mission 25. Firstly to finish my 12″ STD, by studying hard and making use of every time to get good marks in my exams

Secondly, I will do well in my computer studies by practicing the lessons taught by computer teacher and do the reading of different books and watch important videos related to my mission especially to improve myself in knowledge and skills. My mission is to be a good administrator and at the same time work in Maya care foundation in this way I can earn and support my family to be happily family.

I cannot forget Snehalaya, a home of love yes this is a place which has given many opportunities, provided facilities treatments etc and opened a way to empower me in different areas of my life…

My thanks to all the members of Snehalaya family! I will always pray for you all.