Making a Way to Digital Destiny…

Nowadays technology has become so advanced and is leading to the economic growth of the world. People are just clicking with a finger and getting the work done. Many people are getting employed as they are certified with various computer courses.

Snehalaya  is aiming to provide computer education for multi talented differently abled persons in order to make them financially independent and earn a satisfied livelihood.
Different opportunities are given and are pursued by the students according to their interest and ability in particular field. Students are encouraged to prepare for their career as Snehalaya is supporting to visualize their dreams.
Graphics designing. Is a best professional trending course which deals with new, innovative, designation, art and creativity.
Digital marketing:- is a course which skill us to connect the world through the internet for marketing as well as business.  
Content writing:-   is for being skilled to create a important content on specific topic with the absolute information.
The choice of the career is guided and influenced by Snehalaya leads a student to pursue a career and job oriented courses. Initially students are well prepared with individual  interest in particular field of career
Snehalaya contributes towards preparation and building a student for the best career to have a bright future by,
  • Visualizing best quality and skills within
  • Giving opportunity to the student.
  • Encouraging them to develop skills in particular field according to their captivation
  • Providing online courses with all required resources
  • Prepare a student for an interview.
  • Cooperate with benefactor, companies, and so on.
Each student is needed special teaching based on his or her capacity of understanding. Fortunately Snehalaya staff members used different type of teaching methods which students can catch the structure of the matter. A teacher sit next to the student and explain in very simply way till the student is satisfied with all the doubt.. Its not immediate but within less time students are well prepared. Snehalaya is aiming to provide a Computer Education and prepare student in Professional excellence so that they could get  equal  job opportunities by not looking at physical disability but  visualizing ability and skill within them