In 1995, to commemorate the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the MSFS Congregation, the province felt the need to establish a worthwhile memorial. As a result of many hands and heads working together, something unique was dreamt of i.e. to work for the welfare of children with differently abled.


In order to actualize this dream, Rev. Fr. Perry da Silva, and Rev. Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, assumed the responsibility of establishing a home for children with differently abled and named it SNEHALAYA which means “A Home of Love”. Rt. Rev. Valerian D’souza, the then Bishop of the diocese of Poona leased a piece of land in Wagholi. As a result of the efforts, good will and hard work of many persons and agencies, Snehalaya was built to accommodate about 70 physically challenged children between the age group of 5 and18 from all sections of society, especially the poor from rural areas, beyond the barriers of caste, gender and religion.


First On 5th June 1996, the Institute began its service with 13 physically challenged children under the direction of Fr. Joseph Malayil, msfs, the 1st Director of Snehalaya. Sr. Celine Coelho, the Superior General of the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King (FMCK) graciously sent sisters to administer the Institute in all aspects. Thus in collaboration with FMCK sisters, the MSFS fathers (priests) of the Pune Province continued their committed service of empowering the physically challenged children through treatment, training and education.


After many years of service to the physically challenged children, from the year 2001 the target group has been shifted to children with Cerebral Palsy and multiple disabilities. Today Snehalaya caters to 55 boys and girls between the age group of 6 to 18 with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.

From The Director's Desk

Fr.Sunny Joseph, MSFS Director

      We are glad to enter into our Silver Jubilee year. It is a matter of pride and Glory that Snehalaya has completed 24 Years of its existence. Though we had planned a grand opening of the Jubilee Year in February 2021, we had to cancel it to due to Covid 19. Now we hope to have a grand closing of the Jubilee year in February 2021, if the corona situation permits.

    The past one year was a tough year for the whole world and Snehalaya was no exception to it. It was a year of paradoxes. As the quantity of corona patients increased, the quality of caring decreased. As the quantity of online classes increased the quality of education decreased. As the quantity of holidays increased the quality of daily living decreased. As the quantity of vehicles on the roads decreased the quality of air increased. As the quantity of deaths increased, the quality of our love and caring for one another increased. Snehalaya too shared its resources with the needy especially the migrants.

     We are ever grateful to some of our Friends and Well Wishers who kept calling us to enquire about our well being during the lock down days and for reaching out to us through financial and other material help. As we enter the Silver Jubilee Year we salute our Friends, Benefactors and few companies in and around Pune City for their strong backing and support. We fold our hands in gratitude to each one of you as you form the larger Family of Snehalaya. We also say a small prayer for the Soul of Bishop Valerian D’Souza as his first death anniversary is nearing and without whose help Snehalaya would have remained only a dream.